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ANature's Technique our passion is in creating landscape designs!

Do you have a space in your garden that just needs something but you can't seem to put your finger on it? Are you tired of the performance of your garden? Are you frustrated with the lack of creativity, inability or level of competency in the people you have used to beautify your garden? Well, not anymore!!! 

What we do at Nature's Technique with our diverse and extensive knowledge in high end garden construction, coupled with a joy of horticulture, is to design and develop for our clients creative uniquely detailed gardens that are simply.......astonishing! Come learn about us.....

Est. 1983
Lic. 512288
Nature's Technique Landscape Development, Inc.
About Us
With his back ground training in years of general construction, Richard Mariani found landscaping and was quickly drawn to the reward side of its beauty. Besides pursuing a Horticulture degree at DVC, he received an extensive training in general construction practices by a prominent Bay Area Contractor. After working in underground construction, primarily resolving underground water problems, Mariani over the next few years moved on to work for several talented Landscape Contractors and Architects. 

Almost immediately, Mariani knew this is what he wanted to do. The creative side of construction had captured his attention and soon he was "seeing" in the gardens what others couldn't see, he saw things the way they were going to be on the jobsite plans rather than the way they presently were. As strange as it seems, the boy who couldn't imagine what story to write because he had no theme had finally found imagination. The theme now had boundaries and a story could now be written but in the garden with dimension, texture and form. So, after a few more years of learning, Mariani was led to create a business and Nature's Technique was born. Founded in 1983, Nature's Technique was carved out of a passion to create beauty and order.

It was ten years later in 1993, that Mariani began working jointly on projects with another extremely talented Contractor from the Bay Area. His specialty was artificial rock and extremely unique "Resort Style" landscape designs...all very high end. Mariani continued to prove that he was a good student as he learned over the next several years how to further expand his ability to create, design and build.  Learning how to design and create artificial rock facades for pools, spas and site exhibits fueled Mariani with a greater passion to design. 

Though designing all of his previous years using the platform provided by Nature's Technique, Mariani now had much more excellent tool set in which to imagine, create and build with. With his extensive back ground in construction, he could now literally imagine, design and build anything anybody could ever want or imagine.....anything!    

Richard Mariani currently designs and creates beautiful gardens and living spaces that are not only beautiful to look at and to be in, but absolutely functional for the various demands of our California lifestyle. Mariani, designs using Vectorworks, a CAD software program and not only addresses the beautification and transformation of his Clients living spaces, but is equally attentive to function through design. Nature's Technique believes that its creative landscape designs whether traditional or contemporary, innovative or unique each require an attention to details. Our record speaks for itself, that by attention to the little things, grown with a passion for horticulture and the understanding of superior landscape construction practices, that we are able to create exceptional gardens, time and time again!

Nature's Technique.......ideas, design, create!!!   

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